Magic Point Restaurant Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok – Thoti Borchardt – 2011

Magic Food Point – Just about the best and cheapest place to eat at Suvarnabhumi, particularly if you like Thai food, is the Magic Food Point food court. Many passengers don’t know about this as it’s tucked away on Level One – but ask any staff at any of the check-in desks, they’ll give you directions.

Magic Food Point is superb as it’s just like any typical Thai food court. You buy coupons to use at the food stalls, browse the many small restaurant stalls where every member of your party can buy something different, then sit in the main eating area all together. Prices are much cheaper than in the main airport departure area as airport staff eat here. I’ve eaten decent Pad Thai, Som Tam and other rice and noodle dishes at Magic Food Point as well as some delicious Muslim halal food. At just over $1 a dish, it’s particularly useful for those travelers running out of Thai baht and not wishing to exchange more money.


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