Phi Phi Islands, Thailand in 2024 🇹🇭 | Is it Worth the Hype?

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The history of Thailand is full of culture and legends… Temples, beaches, unique customs and magical places. Centuries of history marked by its religion and customs create a welcoming and exciting country with a lot to see. Enter this country and explore the famous Phi Phi Islands to see if they are as incredible as they say.

I couldn’t believe I was finally in Thailand, I was still processing it.

The port was very small with some places to buy food and there was almost no one. The air was very fresh and pure.

There are approximately 1.430 islands in Thailand but only some are internationally famous. Among them we find the Phi Phi islands and the only way to arrive there is by boat.

And we finally arrive to the 12 km2 island of Phi Phi.

Maya Bay, located on Phi Phi Islands, gained international fame after they served as a filming location for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

In addition to feeling a very welcoming energy, on this island you can see many cats on the street that look like they are house cats.

The nightlife is very different from the one we know. The music and entertainment is mostly on the beach. And without a doubt, the most typical and impressive Thai entertainment is the fire show!

Fire art – also called fire spinning, fire juggling and fire dance – is not originally a Thai art form, but was brought by tourists who shared this practice with Thais from the 1980s onward. Captivated travelers look upon the acrobatic action with one question in mind – how do they not burn themselves? It’s an art which requires a lot of skill!

Phi Phi Island is as safe as Thailand can be, which is generally extremely safe. So you have to be careful like in other parts of the world, but in general you don’t need to worry.

The nightlife is outdoors, connected to nature and much healthier than what I have seen in Europe. There are many fire games for tourists and also art that shines in the dark. In addition, hygiene in all places was very good.

At night we wanted to swim but to our surprise the sea had disappeared. Something very curious about Thailand is that the tide at night makes the sea go backwards. I forgot to record it but you could see the boats standing in the sand.

Today we start this new adventure and we are going to discover the most famous places on the Phi Phi Islands. If you want to find out, don’t forget to subscribe! See you in my next video!

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