GOODBYE USA. We’re Flying to Thailand! (First Impressions of Bangkok)

Author: The Detour Duo

GOODBYE USA. We’re Flying to Thailand! (First Impressions of Bangkok)
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We’re flying to Bangkok, Thailand from the US. This was a long journey but man, once we got there, Bangkok was everything we expected and more!

Often we hear people say, “Spend a few days in Bangkok and leave”, however, we just don’t get that impression. Bangkok was absolutely incredible and we hardly made a dent in everything there is to do here. The best part is, that despite Bangkok being a massive, sprawling city, we never felt overwhelmed.

In this Bangkok, Thailand vlog we’re only scratching the surface of things to do in Bangkok. This will be our first impression of this vast city. We’re checking off our first trips to Khao San Road and Chinatown, but we’ll follow that up with a full-on detour through Bangkok in the coming video. Bangkok street food, temples in Bangkok, Corgi Cafes, Tuk Tuks and monitor lizards…There’s so much more to come!

If you’ve read this far, you’re a real one!
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First things first, I still think Lhong Tou was in fact one of the best places we ate in Bangkok. Here’s the location: 538 Yaowarat Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100

Next, the Timeshifter app is TOTALLY worth it!
I, Tony, had zero jet lag. I was ready to hit the city running the next day. Sara had a little grogginess waking up, but she shook that off quickly after breakfast and was good to go. The app was really easy to use and we only used the free version. You don’t even have to follow the sleep schedule strictly (I’d advise not drinking alcohol and following the schedule for caffeine though) Here’s their website:

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