How Chiang Mai Has Changed (2023 With Prices) | Thailand Travel Vlog

Author: Daneger and Stacey

Chiang Mai is AMAZING. It’s our fav city in Thailand and we used to live in Chiang Mai, so in this vlog it’s a walk down Nimmanhaemin memory lane, food, hotels, things to do and the night market… Liked our accom? Take a look at pricing here: — ⬇ See below for Thailand recommendations⬇

It’s been far too many years between our last Thailand trip and revisiting Chiang Mai, but man it feels so good to be exploring the Nimmanhaemin area and some of old town at the night markets again – it’s good to be home(ish).

In 2016 we got the crazy idea to sell everything we own and book a one way ticket to Thailand, staying in Chiang Mai as digital nomads working on a few different businesses, with no idea what would happen or where it would take us. It turned out to be the best decision we ever made, if you’re contemplating something similar you’ll absolutely LOVE our book:

There’s so many epic things to do in Chiang Mai, but we really wanted to revisit some of our old favs, explore the night markets again and go back to our favourite cafe and food spot! We also found an amazing new hotel to check out as well, with so much going on this is likely our longest Thailand video in this not so little travel series.

Special thanks to Sabai Sabai Chiang Mai for hosting us to help share with you an epic walk down memory lane in our old hood! Check them out here:

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Disclaimer — This video may feature footage supplied from one of our partners, particularly for locations where filming is restricted and/or drone activity isn’t allowed. Thailand has super strict drone rules so we didn’t even take ours!

00:00 Chiang Mai
01:05 Accommodation
03:03 The Plan
03:55 Cannabis Legalisation
04:17 Nimmanhaemin Cafe
05:49 Digital Nomad Condo
07:44 Amazing Chicken Lunch
11:05 Maya Mall
13:29 Local Transport
14:16 Chiang Mai Night Markets
17:43 Coming Up

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