This GENIUS Device will change Travel Forever

Author: Retired Working For You

This genius Timekettle translation device will change travel and communication. Everyone is talking about it, so I tested it. Does it live up to the hype?
I walk around the streets of Bangkok, Thailand and interact with many local Thais from many walks of life. Street Food vendors, Thai Markets, Tuk Tuk drivers, Thai coffee shops, and more. Let’s see how this thing works.

If you want to see how much it costs and buy one for yourself, here’s some links for you:

T1 Mini (The Handheld Device):
Official website:
Code: RETIREDT1 (15% OFF)

WT2 Edge (The Earbuds):
Official website:
Code: RETIRED15 (15% OFF)

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My goal with this channel is to grow a community of Thailand Lovers who like to have fun. Day dreaming is encouraged here. Always remember, you only get so many trips around the sun… so make ’em count!

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