Thailand Hill Tribe Food!! UNIQUE MOUNTAIN FOOD of Karen People!

Author: Mark Wiens

🇹🇭 Karen Food – Wild Jungle Food:
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Again, a big thank you to Khun Mook and Shikomo for taking us on this authentic Karen food tour in their village. Mook does tours in Mae Hong Son province of Thailand, contact her here:

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND (แม่ฮ่องสอน) – Welcome to Mae Hong Son, one of my favorite provinces in all of Thailand and one of the most remote and culturally diverse regions of Thailand. Today is Day 3 of our Karen food village cooking tour with Khun Mook. Today we’re starting the day with some cooked rice pounded with sesame seeds. Then Mook and Shikomo are making what is one of the ultimate and national dishes of the Karen people – da poh poh or Khao Baue (ข้าวเบอะ) in Thai.

First we steamed some red mountain sticky rice which we then took over to the neighbors house to pound with white and black toasted sesame seeds. We pounded it until smooth and it turned into a paste. It was delicious as is, and also with condensed milk to make it sweet. It’s a great Karen snack or sweet for breakfast or to eat with coffee in the morning. We also had a version made with poppy seeds which was fantastic.

Next we cooked one of the national dishes of the Karen people, called da poh poh, or in Thailand they call is Khao Baue (ข้าวเบอะ). It’s very similar to a deluxe rice porridge, cooked down until fall apart tender and cooked with a variety of vegetables – including a heart of fishtail palm tree, fragrant meat, and dry mustard greens. The unique part of eating this dish is that you eat it as a side dish on top of your steamed rice – not as a bowl of porridge. Additionally, you eat it along with a variety of other spices, chili dips, and unique herbs and vegetables. The most unique vegetable for me was actually a flower that numbs your mouth similar to Sichuan pepper! A fantastic meal and a great time to hang out with Mook and Shikomo in Mae Hong Son, Thailand!

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