TRAVELLING TO THAILAND IN 2022 ✈️🇹🇭 Arriving in Bangkok on Test & Go Program

Author: Backpacking Bananas


We got into Thailand! And if you don’t know, Thailand has a pretty extensive process to get into the country at the moment. We got in on the Test&Go program and this was our experience. I talk about everything from what it was like to get the Thailand Pass approved, getting our Fit to Fly PCR tests in London, flying from London to Bangkok, arriving in Bangkok airport and being transported to our hotel for quarantine with a quick stop to do our arrival PCR tests. Phew! What a stressful few days.

00:00 Intro
00:41 Getting the Thailand Pass
05:15 Getting our Fit to Fly PCR Tests
07:12 Final preparations
08:46 Gatwick Airport
12:49 The flight
14:38 Arriving at Bangkok Airport
18:03 Private transfer to hotel & arrival PCR
19:23 Hotel Quarantine
25:19 We’re free!

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