Living the Pinkkiss Dream – Our trip to Phuket, Thailand

PINKKISS Talent Agency is Leveraging Influencer Trips for Amazing Content

Social media marketing is growing, both in terms of scope and competition. Can you guess what it takes for an influencer or brand to stand out from the crowd? Stunning visual content!

PINKKISS is a talent agency specializing in events, content creation and marketing, and organizes several trips a year to exotic locations around the world to generate amazing content for its team members, partner brands and sponsors.

For those who aren’t aware, content trips are organized with teams of models, influencers, photographers, filmmakers, and other professionals, all of whom come together to create stunning content at some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

The advantage of content trips goes beyond the ability to generate stunning content. Here are 5 reasons to join a content trip!

#1. You get to travel for free

Team members selected for content trips typically travel for free, with the agency covering various costs. This means a successful model, photographer or filmmaker can go from one exotic location to another for free, doing what they love!

#2. You learn from professionals

Since a content trip includes many professionals from various sectors, everyone gets to learn something from others. Moreover, creating content with professionals is a great way to gain more exposure and a better understanding of industry dynamics.

#3. You make new friends

Content trips are a great way to bond with new people and make friends along the way. If you are good at what you do, you may even become a regular member of the team. This bonding and chemistry between a team reflect in the content they produce!

#4. You get to collaborate with other influencers

Collaborations can be very effective for cross-promotion and content trips are a great way to meet and work with other influencers and web celebrities.

#5. You make good money

Content trips are not all fun and games – they can have hectic schedules and tight deadlines with days and nights of shootings and content creation. While this can be draining, it is also rewarding, both professionally and in terms of compensation!

If you want to get selected for an upcoming content trip, visit the official PINKKISS website to view the schedule of trips and apply to join the next one!

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