I TRAVELED TO THAILAND IN 2021 AS A TOURIST | Requirements and tips

Author: Kuya Mike

In this video I am explaining everything that you need to know to travel to Thailand in 2021. I am flying to Bangkok and showing how the whole process looked like. You will learn from this video about the required documents when traveling to Thailand. I am explaining what is the COE (Certificate of Entry) and how to get it, how to book the ASQ in Thailand, what insurance should you get when traveling to Thailand. I am answering questions like: do you need to quarantine when traveling to Thailand, do you need a PCR test when traveling to Thailand and more.

COE (Certificate of Entry): Everyone traveling to Thailand must obtain it. To process it go to this official website: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/

ASQ (quarantine in a hotel): Before traveling to Thailand you need to book the ASQ. Check the accredited hotel here: https://asq.in.th/ Please mind that you can use any website to book the hotel but I would suggest to book directly. Make sure you will receive the CONFIRMATION LETTER from the hotel.

For Insurance we decided to go the Sawasdee Thailand Inbound Travel Insurance from AXA. We purchased it here: https://www.axa.co.th/axa-sawasdee-thailand-travel-insurance You can buy insurance from any company that you like but make sure our medical expenses will be covered for at least 100.000 USD.

Download the T.8 FORM here: https://www.thaiairways.com/static/common/pdf/news_announcement/T8.pdf

DISCLAIMER: Please mind that I am not a professional advisor. Use this video as a way to introduce yourself to the whole process of traveling to Thailand in 2021, but do not forget to do your own research before traveling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rules are constantly changing. Note that we have been traveling to Thailand in April 2021. Make sure to be updated when you travel.

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