LIVING IN THAILAND IN 2021 – What is it really like?

Author: keis one

In my latest travel vlog in Thailand, I talk about life in Thailand during 2021. People often ask if you can still have fun here in Bangkok, which is a crazy question to me. I also talk about the cost of living, current restrictions, and my expectations vs reality. I love living here in Bangkok, even with the way things are and Thailand is such an amazing country.
00:01 Intro
00:13 Why Thailand?
00:40 Where are you living?
01:17 How is life with the restrictions?
02:18 Do you hang out with Thai people or Expats?
02:49 Are you seeing anyone?
03:28 Expectations vs Reality for moving to Thailand?
04:36 Cost of living
05:30 What is travel like within Thailand?
06:30 How is your Thai language learning?
07:16 Can you still have fun in Thailand?
07:59 Do you work in Thailand?
08:26 How long will you stay in Thailand?
09:04 What is next?
09:46 Final words
10:15 Bonus Scenes 🙂

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