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Learn how to make Chicken Stir Fry Thai Style With our Chef Varun Inamdar.
Are you looking for a really fast, easy Chicken dish to make?
Thai Chicken Stir fry is the answer to your weeknight dinner.

Ingredients –
To Make Thai Masala Mix
1/2 Cup Garlic Cloves (peeled)
15-20 Thai Basil Leaves
1 Onion (chopped)
1 Inch Ginger (chopped)
2 Inches Galangal (chopped)
5 Thai Chillies

To Make Thai Chicken stir fry
1 tbsp Oil
Thai Masala Mix
250 Gms Chicken Breast
1 cup Shredded Vegetables (Cabbage, Carrot & Spring Onion )
1 cup Bean sprouts
1/2 tsp Sugar
4-5 Kaffir Like Leaves
4 tsp Soy Sauce
Salt (As Required)
Kaffir Lime leaves (for garnish)

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