Pros and Cons of Travelling To Thailand Now

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Are you uncertain as to whether travelling to Thailand now is a good or bad idea?

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of travelling to Thailand right now in 2021. There are currently two options available. You can travel to Thailand and spend your first 14 nights in an ALQ or ASQ hotel. Alternatively, if you’re fully vaccinated you can fly to either Phuket Sandbox or Samui + and spend your first 14 nights in a SHA+ certified hotel.


A comment we receive regularly is – “why would I travel to Thailand and jump through all of these hoops when there are other countries with much easier options?” I completely agree with that point of view.

1. An opportunity to travel to Thailand without quarantine. You might have been separated from your family, partner or friends for an extended period of time and the opportunity to be reunited with them with no quarantine can be very appealing.

2. If you love a bit of peace and tranquility you definitely get that right now throughout Thailand. If the idea of having a full stretch of beach to yourself appeals to you then right now you can literally take your pick. You might see the odd person at the beach but generally you’ve got the whole place to yourself.

3. Because of the lack of tourists there are a lot of great deals on hotels and also short or long term rentals. Many villas are offering discounted rates.


1. The trip is considerably more expensive than usual due to the COVID tests and insurance which you must pay for.

2. The trip does come with a risk. If any of your COVID tests return positive you would then spend the remainder of your holiday in a medical centre.

3. If you enjoy nightlife and entertainment then you would be very disappointed as that doesn’t exist throughout the country right now.

Now, of course I could go on with more pros and cons but I just wanted to start this of with three pros and three cons and then give you the opportunity to have your say. Even if you don’t want to share an opinion please do one thing for us and just type either pros or cons in the comments to let us know which side you sway mostly towards.

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