Thailand Travel Update 2021 – Reopening without Quarantine or Restrictions?

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Thailand reopening update 2021 and why I’m going to pass despite quarantine free entry.
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While everyone was making plans for the grand reopening of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other top locations throughout the country, the tourism ministry of Thailand rescheduled the reopening yet again.

I’m going to pass and here’s why…

Fully vaccinated tourists are not guaranteed to enter Thailand without mandatory quarantine. Not too long ago a plane with fully vaccinated tourists flew into Phuket in the hope to enjoy a hassle free entry. As it turned out, one person on her flight tested positive and everyone on that flight had to quarantine in Phuket.

The visa situation is also not at its best. Yes, you get 45 days and a possible extension but most mid term visas are not available at this moment in time.

You’re required to wear a mask indoors and outdoors. Imagine how comfortable that would be considering the high temperature and humidity.

Many businesses won’t be open or operate at limit capacity. No fully body massages, bars or nightclubs.

Dating won’t be as usual. Girls will be reluctant to date you and where will you date them anyway? Probably best to invite them back to your place and have a drink there.

And what happens if a new variant arrives? Will more restrictions be the put in place?

I know this tourism update on Thailand is not what you expected but it is the harsh a reality of this pandemic.

What I am going to do..

I’ve been considering Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bulgaria and Georgia. All places with fewer restrictions.

Most businesses are open and in many countries in Latin America you are not required to wear a mask outdoors.

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