How to travel THAILAND (exact budget/costs)?

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Hey guys, we are continuing to share our travel tips with a little series of videos. Our RealCost series is going to include a breakdown of all the countries that we visited with tips on why you should travel to that country, what to see, how long to spend there, how to get around, where to stay, our food favourites (because you know we are food lovers!), and the EXACT prices it cost us to travel. We recorded all our expenses on the road so we could give you an example of how much a trip might cost.

Eleventh stop: Thailand!


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Total costs for two people for 30 days

Transport: £400.90 – flights, night buses, day buses

Food and Drink: £467.05

Accommodation: £197.75

Activities: £487.30
£3 toiletries
£114 elephants
£3 sandals
£6 trousers
£4 sarongs
£2.50 painting
£14 shades
£2 entrance fees
£150 tattoos
£3 vasaline
£1 towel
£3 temples
£1 printing
£2 petrol
£5 lanta animal welfare
£3.50 laundry
£96 diving
£7 snorkels
£5 snorkels
£30 jungle tickets
£8 t shirts
£0.25 toilet
£8 cinema tickets
£4.75 dress
£2.50 present
£4.80 wat pho
£4 key chain

Visa: £2 (left and re-entered)

Total for 30 days: £1555


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