The REAL Cost Of Living In Thailand 4 Long Term Expats 2021

Author: Daniel Baci

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In this video I break down the real costs of living in Phuket, Thailand for long term EXPATS, there are a lot of videos online talking about the cost of living in Thailand but most of them are talking from a backpackers point of view and not a real ex-pat who lives here permanently.

After settling in to living in Thailand for a few years, the backpacker nomad budget of $1000-$1500 a month will not cut it, when you start a new life and have a wife and kid(s), a business and a house you’ll find that you’ll need to make more money.

I recommend that you make a minimum of $2500 a month to cover the cost of eating western foods more often, food shopping, renting a house, villa or mortgaging your own home and pay for other expenses like health insurance, work permits, visas, weekend trips around Asia etc etc etc….

Although I recommend $2500 as a minimum, set your goals to make $4000+ a month, this is a roomier, more realistic income to have if you plan on living in Thailand long term.


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