Farm to Table Thai Food – Beautiful Mountain Meal in Chiang Rai, Thailand!!

Author: Big On Spice – Mark Wiens

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CHIANG RAI, THAILAND – Welcome to Lanjia Lodge, in the mountains of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. My family and I stayed here for a few night and we enjoyed every minute of it. The scenery is beautiful, the lodge supports the local community, and the food is delicious. Today for lunch we went down to a local farm, picked fresh vegetables, and cooked a local fully plant based vegetarian Thai / Hmong food meal!

This meal was fully plant based (vegan) and everything was extremely fresh and vibrant. Also, I just have to emphasize the beauty of seeing your food, even picking it, before eating it.

???? Lanjia Lodge: Highly recommended, we loved this place!



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