The Honest Reality of Vacation in Thailand 2021 | Sun, Smiles and Restrictions, May 2021

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We came to Thailand hoping for a better spot, but things have been a bit bumpy along the way.

This is honest advice for those considering travel to Thailand right now on the situation for English speakers – especially once you’ve paid £1100+ to simply get here – it’s worth hearing the current situation.

As always it’s great and an honour to be a guest in Thailand, but you need to be aware of that the country that is heavily fuelled by the tourist trade and without those tourists becomes somewhat stripped back (obviously!).

As the battle of Covid-19 rages on things are rapidly changing and it’s worth as a potential tourist to know what the situation is.

Having stayed in Hat Yai we found most restaurants closed with shops and restaurants operating to an 8pm curfew.

Provinces are allowed to implement their own restrictions which makes it confusing for tourists and with advice in Thai – it’s not an easy country to navigate at this stage.

With provinces implementing their own travel restrictions (meaning you may have to quarantine 14 days more than once, only travelling between regions, it’s becoming tricky to travel!).

This is to help clear things up – and help you decide whether it’s best to travel to Thailand right now.

Things are changing daily so this is probably going out of date when you watch it – but a heads up so you aren’t in for a surprise when you arrive!

As we see things entering orange zone, things are on the up and positivity is on the horizon. We’re grateful to be here and are excited to see things change and improve, hopefully some more updates soon.

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