QUICK & EASY! Thai Stir Fry Green Bean Recipe ผัดถั่วฝักยาวหมูสับ

Author: Thai Way Of Living

This quick and easy, but amazingly delicious Thai Stir Fry Green Bean Recipe (ผัดถั่วฝักยาวหมูสับ Pad Tua Fak Yao) is a crowd pleaser!

Somsub will show you how to cook long green beans on the wok, Thai style. This recipe is not spicy, and good for children or if you prefer something with no chilies. This is one of my son’s (6 years old) favorite Thai stir fry dish. I just love the crispiness and flavor of the green long beans! Also great as a side dish, or with beer ???? 😉

450 grams long green beans (cut into 1-3 inch pieces)
250 grams ground pork
1-2 Tbsp cooking oil (use lard for best flavor)
3-4 cloves garlic (chopped)
1 Tbsp fish sauce
1 Tbsp Thai fermented soybean paste (tao jiew or เต้าเจี้ยว)
2 Tbsp oyster sauce

** If desired, you may add 3-8 Thai chilies ???? for a spicy treat.


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