Taste of Isan Food Tour – Northeast Thailand (Isan)

Author: Isan Explorer


Isan food is one of the hot trends in the food world these days. It certainly has some commonalities with Thai food, but overall it’s a very different cuisine, making this tour a true culinary adventure. It also offers a fascinating look at Isan culture and local life.
After shopping in the market and making a few quick stops to see how some foods are made, we go out to a rural village where we will eat a huge lunch and an even bigger dinner; all designed for your sampling pleasure. In total there will be 20 mains plus various sides, snacks, and drinks. This is the standard menu for this tour, though some changes may be necessary depending on the season and what’s available in the market on the day of your tour. Surely you’ll recognize some of these foods, since many of the most popular Thai foods (som tam, laap, gai yang) actually originated here, but on this tour you will get to try the unaltered versions. This is not a cooking class, though you will learn some new skills as you help Mae Teem prepare dinner. And we’ll give you a list of the foods you ate and the ingredients used to make them, though we can’t give you recipes because she doesn’t use them.
The meals are fully authentic. Mae Teem makes no changes to her food for our guests, except that you can control the spiciness of some. A few dishes are vegetarian and some others can be made so without losing much authenticity by leaving the meat out or substituting mushrooms for meat.

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