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Living in Thailand is not as cheap as you might think. But waayyy LESS expensive than the west.

If you’re planning to come live in Thailand, we provide a thorough breakdown of what it will cost.
* Rent
* Utilities
* Entertainment
* Shopping
* Visas etc

The bottom line? Between $1,300 to $2,000 USD per month is enough to live a comfortable lifestyle here.

So what does it cost to live in Thailand in 2021?
* Rent: $300 per month
* Utilities: $100 per month
* Entertainment: $300 per moth
* Food: $200-$300 per month
* Transportation: $200 per month
* Gym/Fitness: $100 per month

This is much better than the “cheap charlie” fan in a hot condo lifestyle.

You’d be living in a modern condo in a good area in Bangkok, not far from transportation. With fast internet, all facilities such as gym, swimming pool and shuttle in your condo.

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