COST OF LIVING in Bangkok Thailand for Family of 3

Author: Kensho Quest

In this video we share the monthly cost of living in Bangkok, Thailand for our family of three. Our family lived in Bangkok for one year in 2016-17. We returned to Bangkok for two months in 2019 as a family of four and had similar expenses. Apartment rental prices are still similar now in 2020 in Thai Baht, although the US dollar has weakened relative to the Baht.

We loved visiting Thailand so much throughout the years that we decided to make it our home! We would have stayed even longer if we could have extended our one year visa.

– Rent 01:02
– Utilities (electricity and water) 03:59
– Drinking water 04:04
– Internet 04:14
– Cell phone service 04:24
– Food 05:06
– Transportation 06:43
– Household items 07:44
– Entertainment 08:25
– Clothing and shoes 09:02
– Haircuts 09:51
– International school 10:09
– Border Runs 11:16
– Total monthly expenses 12:44


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The Base Condo:


Morning Routine in Bangkok Thailand:

Apartment Tours Playlist:


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