How to Move to Thailand ON A BUDGET! We MOVE TO THAILAND!

Author: The Single Dad Nomad

How to move to Thailand from the USA on a budget; this video breaks down exactly how much it costs to live there for your first month. If you’re wondering how to move to Thailand, this is for you!
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Anyone can move to Thailand, at least for a short period of time. On several occasions, I have moved to Thailand with my daughter for three-month stays on their tourist visas. If you want to move to Thailand to work there, you’d need a different visa, but the 3-month tourist visa can be renewed in most circumstances. That means that moving to Thailand is easy!

Here’s how to move to Thailand on a budget, even if you have a child, like me.

The final figure includes everything from the flight, visa, food, accommodations, and more. So if you’re thinking about moving to Thailand and want to know how much it costs, then this video is for you! I would recommend that you move to Thailand ASAP.

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