Unforgettable Lunch in Northern Thailand!! ???? Aunty Cooks MOUNTAIN THAI FOOD in Chiang Rai!

Author: Mark Abroad

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CHIANG RAI, THAILAND – Welcome to Chiang Rai, in the mountains at the spectacular Lanjia Lodge. On our first day, right as we arrived, we were welcomed with a spectacular local Northern Thai food lunch, and I’m going to share it all with you in this video.

First, let’s all meet Pa Nim, who is a local Aunty, and a legend for her home cooking skills. In fact, she used to have a restaurant of her own. But now cooks occasionally for events, or upon request.

Today, she made a huge feast for lunch. The food she made was Northern Thai food style, but influenced by the region, Hill Tribe cooking and ingredients. It was a superb meal. Some of the notable dishes for me were the green taro stem curry with catfish, the bamboo shoot salad mixture – life changing delicious, and the pounded grilled catfish chili dip. She was so fast cooking, and truly a memorable meal experience. On top of the great food, it’s hard to have a better location to eat!

???? Lanjia Lodge: https://www.asian-oasis.com/lanjia/



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