$1.30 Thai Salad at BAMBOO FOREST Market!! Thailand’s Green Food Paradise | Phatthalung (พัทลุง)

Author: Big On Spice – Mark Wiens

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Welcome to the Bamboo Forest Market (ตลาดป่าไผ่สร้างสุข) in Phatthalung (พัทลุง), Southern Thailand. This could easily be one of the most beautiful markets in Thailand, and one of the most laid back and friendly markets as well.

The market was started by Khun Kwanjai Klapsuksai, who is an advocate for preserving nature and sustainability. She started growing bamboo, as it grows so fast, and has so many uses. And now with over 40 varieties of bamboo in a forest, they decided to start a food market in the bamboo forest. For sure it’s one of the most pleasant markets you’ll ever visit in Thailand.

The food is also delicious. You’ll find a mix of Southern Thai food, and snacks, and plenty of natural fruits and vegetables, green ingredients. I tried a number of foods, but my favorite was the lemongrass and green mango wrapped in betel leaves, and the herbal rice salad.

Price – 40 THB ($1.30) each dish

The Bamboo Market in Phatthalung (พัทลุง) is a gem of Thailand, highly recommended!

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