Best TURMERIC FISH FRIES!! Southern Thai Food in Trang, Thailand!

Author: Mark Abroad

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TRANG, THAILAND (ตรัง) – Khrua Thong Na Tham (ร้านครัวท่องนาท่าม) is a legendary Southern Thai food restaurant in the southern Thailand province of Trang. I loved the look of the restaurant from the moment we arrived – situated in a series of stilted wooden shelters – throughout Thailand, this is the type of restaurant where you’ll find the best food. #Thailand #Trang #ThaiFood

We ordered 7 or 8 of their specialty main dishes, including catfish curry, Southern Thai sour curry, stink beans, fern salad, melinjo leaves with egg, and deep fried sand fish with turmeric and garlic.

Most of the food was delicious and spicy. A few of the dishes like the sour curry were not my favorite as it was a little on the sweeter side – but it was still good and with a nice balance of flavor.

Overall, great eating experience, recommended for local southern Thai food when you’re in Trang, Thailand!

???? Khrua Thong Na Tham (ร้านครัวท่องนาท่าม) –

Total price – To be honest I forgot to write down the price of this meal, but I think it was about 600 – 800 THB for everything we ordered. Around $20 – $25.



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