Family Boat Trip!! LOTUS LAKE + Homestay Thai Food! | Unseen Thailand, Thale Noi, Phatthalung

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Unseen Thailand travel adventure – Thale Noi in Phatthalung!
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Thale Noi (ทะเลน้อย) – Welcome to Phatthalung, Thailand, one of the most relaxing provinces in Thailand. People are cool, food is delicious, and there’s some spectacular off the beaten path things to do. Part of the reason why Phatthalung is a lesser visited province in Southern Thailand is because they don’t have an ocean coastline like most other Southern Thai provinces. However, they do have a huge lake – one of them being Thale Noi (ทะเลน้อย). Today we’re going on a boat tour of Thale Noi, and then I’ll give you a tour of our homestay, plus we’ll have a quick local Thai food dinner at the house.

Thale Noi tour – you’ll want to arrive between 6 – 7 am because in the morning is when you’ll see the pink and white lotus in full bloom. The lake is spectacular, so peaceful and calming, and so beautiful wich so much vegetation. Highlight recommended. Price – 450 THB ($15.07) per hour

During out time at in Phatthalung at Thale Noi (ทะเลน้อย), we stayed at Uncle Sanan Homestay (โฮมสเตย์ ลุงสนั่น). He’s quite a character and his house is traditional, old, made of wood, and full of antiques. Him and his wife are also great local cooks who cook Southern Thai food. Recommended for a night or two if you really want to learn about the Southern Thai food and culture of Phatthalung along the lake.

And so that wraps up this tour in Phatthalung. An amazing day and spectacular place – a really off the beaten path, unseen Thailand attraction.

???? Uncle Sanan Homestay (โฮมสเตย์ ลุงสนั่น บ้านปากประ – Price – 1,500 THB ($50.20) per night

Thank you very much for watching this video and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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