Backyard Food Paradise!! Farm to Table THAI FOOD in the Rainforest!! | Khao Sok, Thailand

Author: Mark Wiens

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Welcome to the stunning Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani, Thailand! I had the chance to hang out with P’You from Rungfah Farm: His property backs up to the mountains and the lush green rainforest, it’s pristine. And the best thing about P’You is his love and respect for nature, and his organic farm.

To begin with we first went around his farm, some of which is grown, some of which grows wild, and harvested ingredients for lunch. From fruits to vegetables and herbs, Rungfah Farm is full of tropical things to eat – for me it’s a fresh food paradise – and around his farm you can find almost all the ingredients you need for a Thai food feast. On top of that, P’You has amazing knowledge of ingredients, and their uses for cooking and medicinal value. He’s so laid back and so friendly, and he’s part of the reason why visiting Rungfah Farmstay is so much fun.

After walking round the farm for a while, we got started cooking, and the cooked some common Thai dishes, as well as a few jungle survival style dishes – like rice cooked in bamboo over open fires.

Here are the other dishes that P’You and his wife made for us:

Chicken curry
Snake fruit chili dip
Banana blossom tempura
Fried bamboo shoots
Fried melinjo leaves

It was a delicious Thai meal, and for me the best thing about it was that it was cooked with love using natural, local, and ultimately freshly picked ingredients from Rungfah Organic Farm right in the jungle of Khao Sok, Thailand!

Great experience, highly recommended. Thank you to P’You from Rungfah Farm: for hosting me on this day of backyard cooking.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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