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Author: Niki Proshin

In this video I share how much is Thailand for me – I travel on a budget and will cover ALL my expenses for the last 4 weeks traveling in Thailand. So, hope it was interesting for you to see if you wanted to travel Thailand on a budget and had any questions like how expensive is traveling in Thailand in 2020.

Thailand is such a great place for that! Whatever budget you have, you could enjoy traveling there. This month I had a very tight budget and spent less than $8 dollars a day traveling in Thailand, and even that was enough for having a fun and enjoying journey! And yeah, after that I am going to continue to travel long term in 2020, the entire year!

I started in Bangkok and stayed there for 2 weeks. That city definitely has a lot of things to do for any kind of tourists! I visited Bangkok Art and Culture Center, chilled out at Lumpini Park, roamed around Chatuchak Weekend Market, and many-many more. I didn’t put the into the video, but I also enjoyed having Thai street food and eating at Terminal 21 food court (which was very close to the place I stayed).

Then I traveled from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by train, stayed one day in Ayutthaya, and continued moving to the north of Thailand. A few days in Phitsanulok. One day in Sukhothai. And then taking a bus to Chiang Mai, where I stayed for another week.

Chiang Mai has a lot of things to do as well, and this city caught me so easily. I staying at Mapping hostel a bit away from the Chiang Mai old city, but it was such a good deal! That was one of the cheapest hostels in Chiang Mai, I only paid 99 baht a night and the stay was quite nice. Basic rooms, but great riverfront garden there!

And then I traveled from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai by bus, stayed there overnight (just had enough time for visiting Chiang Rai Night Bazaar) and then took another bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong, to the border with Laos.

Almost one month in Thailand was such a good experience for me! And I only spend a bit more than $200 for that, which is quite a tight budget.

My expenses for 4 weeks in Thailand ($1 is about 31 baht):
Food – almost 2500 baht
Transportation – 1300 baht
Accommodation – 1035 baht
Shopping – almost 1200 baht
Bars – 450 baht
Thai coffee / Thai tea / Smoothies – 365 baht

TOTAL COST: 6740 baht for 4 weeks (a bit more than $210, that’s less than $8 a day!)

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