Thailand Reopening?!- 10 Reasons to Go Now/ Study Abroad In Thailand Travel Guide

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Can we travel to #Thailand now? Everyone’s asking is Thailand reopening? As we wonder when will Thailand reopen for tourists? Keeping up with the latest Thailand tourism news updates, this Thailand Travel Guide 2021 gives travel advice, shows 10 reasons to go now- visit Thailand 2021, VISA requirements & how long you can stay. If you’re a student visiting Thailand for the first time, see how to travel Thailand 20201 as a student, the best times of the year to visit & spectacular sights to see & tourists places to go in #ChiangMai and #Bangkok. Travel Thailand on a budget with this study abroad in Thailand travel guide. But whether you travel independently as a grown adult or travel as a student studying abroad and learn from other Thai students, there’s so much to learn from the Thai way of life & there are so many reasons for #ThailandTravel
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⏰ Time Stamps????
00:00 From Thailand
00:37 Thailand Reopening?!
00:50 Requirements to Enter Thailand
02:00 Why You Need This Trip: Mai Phen Rai
03:00 Mood (Reason #1)
03:33 The Cost$ (Reason #2)
04:12 Best Times to Go & Celebrate (Reason #3)
05:23 Animal Lovers (Reason #4)
05:46 Cultural Appreciation not Cultural Appropriation (Reason #5)
06:12 Learning Experiences (Reason #6)
06:48 In Thai Shoes (Reason #7)
08:12 Shop Till You Drop (Reason #8)
09:03 Travel (Reason #9)
09:14 Home Away from Home (Reason #10)
09:28 Bonus- The Thai Way of Life
11:10 Just Do It

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