Top 6 Things to do in Phuket Thailand [TRAVEL GUIDE]

Top 6 things to do in Phuket Thailand for 2019. This travel guide will go over my trip to Phuket Thailand. If you’re asking, “should I visit Phuket when I visit Thailand?” This video will help you make that decision. I traveled to Phuket from Bangkok. I did the entire 11-day trip using just a carry-on. Phuket is a large island with a beach vibe. It’s different from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. There are many activities to do while in Phuket including the beach and Phi Phi Islands. It’s still affordable though but the prices are a bit more expensive than Bangkok. But still a great conversion rate from USD to BAHT.

In this video, I give my top 6 things to do for Phuket including:
Transportation what it’s like traveling from the airport in Phuket
The best hotel to stay in while visiting Phuket
Visiting the beach in Phuket
Food in Phuket Thailand
How to visit Elephants in Phuket
Traveling to the Phi Phi Islands

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