Graffiti trip in Thailand 2

Like a travel diary, the artist Noe Two takes us at the heart of urban Thailand. Through this trip, Noe Two want to confront his art, his origins at differents codes, different traditions, different cultures.
The painting is for him a way to meet people, a way for him to work new looks, news facial features. Noe explains why he chose this destination, what he picks up here and what he brings this exchange.
Day after day, we discover the birth of a painting, from the meeting at the photo, from the sketch to the travel diary, a the projection on the Bangkok’s wall, on Phuket’s wall, on Buddhist temple.
The aim of the film is to understand what it is happen on the wall, how it all organized, the chose of colors, the style, the size.
The audience like the Muay Thaï boxer, the buddjhiste Mong, testament us the interest about the work of Noe.
The urban culture clash take him other desires, but mostly it makes an important source of inspiration for this street artist. The movie highlights hese meetings, his work and take a look about the reception it is reserved. The movie is the ocasion to discover Bangkok, Phuket, people… the city by day and by night.

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