BASE Perspectives – Thailand

Adventures in Paradise:) 2011


Speak to me/Breathe(In the Air) – Easy Star All Stars

Hidden Places (Evol Intent Remix) – Bjork

Do it (Dub Pistols Remix) – The Crystal Method

Angels and Fly – High Contrast

An ode to people pushing personal boundaries, and positive people making magic together.

Special mention to Rami who doesn’t do multipitches cos he’s scared of heights (who did two featured in this video, one of which we spent almost 3 hours reslinging on a route that only basejumpers want to climb. We turned that route from the effective freeclimb it was to the cheesegrater it was intended to be).
Tim (who donated the rope Rami and I used for reslinging, after climbing the route twice with me, no lead falls no problems – except when you drop your atc on the third pitch after scrambling around the side of a mountain in the dark and not finding an exit point after getting smacked in the head with a hold(tree) that broke off a couple of metres above the last sling that could harldy take a static weight on it).
Madman climbing friends like Luke, Bart, Tim, Rachael and Gianvito (who put up with my lame ass climbing and helped in hauling up base gear).
Maya (for hand sowing a piece on umbrella to my canopy so it didn’t split – on site rigging).
Team Farang (Essentially the best freerunners in the world and all round sik dudes).
John (for urban exit hookups worldwide and filming skills).
Sam and Baz (what would Thailand be without friends trying to kill themselves).
Mandy (who put up with my beginnerishness and taught me how to climb on rocks with rope).
Juliette (for support and helping with living on the cheap, extending times for awesomeness).
Josh (for showing us how to safely insert 10cm of metal nails into our skulls).
Dum dums (cos base jumpers think they’re safe after landing).
Lucky and Alex (for make the base guide(Bible) to thailand).
Sunny and Tabea (for hooking me up with awesome climbing gear).
Tonsai locals (for coffee coconut shakes, mad food, cheap accomodation and smiles)
And to anybody I met on this trip cos it was awesome times:)

Hendrik, Mavs, George, Gary, Not Ozzy Chris.

Extra vid by:
George, Mavs, Gianvito, Luke, Leah, Evin, John, Team Farang (

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