Travelling in Thailand, Covid and Mor Chana

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For people travelling around Thailand at the moment there is still quite a lot of confusion and misinformation about where you can travel to and additional restrictions on travel. We’ll continue to publish any updates to this information at

For people travelling out of Red Zones… that includes Bangkok…. to other parts of the country that are lower-risk zones – organge, yellow and green – there are a number of precautions in place.

How these precautions are applied in practice is sometimes up to the local governors and officials and also sometime up to you with advisories about your behaviour when you arrive at your destinations

In Phuket, for example, if you want to travel from Bangkok to the island, officially there are restrictions on your travel, documented in a 3 page announcement last weekend. There was talk of a 14 day self quarantine being in place.

This week the Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced that travellers will not have to do a 14 day quarantine if they travel from Bangkok, except from four high risk areas in the capital….

Other provinces have other conditions and precautions in place, including five central and eastern provinces which are considered ‘High Risk’ at this time where travel is restricted to and from these areas.

For travellers, this is what you can expect from the airports at the moment if you are travelling.

Firstly many of the domestic airlines are having to juggle around their flights so you should check your bookings before you leave for the airport to see if you’ve been bumped onto a later flight. The schedules have certainly been cut back by all the domestic carriers.

Then, of course, there will be the “I wasn’t told that” moments that you may need to sort out as you go.

In short, the travel around Thailand, except for the 5 high risk provinces of Chon Buri, Chanthaburi, Trat, Samut Sakhon and Rayong, is still family easy without many noticeable changes. There are also four districts in Bangkok, not in the touristy areas, that are also causing concern for authorities.

All this is a fluid situation and you’ll just need to keep all that in mind if you are travelling, and expect the unexpected.

If you’re driving from province to province there is also likely to be some additional checkpoints.

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