Taste Of Thailand

Shot on the Canon 1DX mark ii and a GH5.

Some things I learned in Thailand:
1.) The fresh coconut (meat and water) + banana smoothies are amongst the best in the world.
2.) So is the pad thai from the street food vendors. So. Good.
3.) If a cute little lady at the local restaurant asks you if you want “medium” spice and you ask her “is it THAT spicy?” and she shakes her head no, she’s lying. You’re essentially eating fire – but it’s so delicious you won’t care.
4.) If you’re on a motorbike, off-roading on a dirt road to find a secret beach and you see a pack of 20 wild dogs… perhaps turn around. We were okay but damn that was a close one. Twice…
5.) Wake up early and ride through the city before sunrise on your motorbike. Watch the monks in awe, stop to eat the street food, grab a smoothie and relish the moment.
6.) If you’re contemplating getting your scuba certification in Thailand, do it.
7.) Don’t let all of the meat in this video fool you, it’s entirely possible to be plant-based in Thailand and just as delicious.

Video Source Vimeo

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