Storror Supertramps – Thailand

Storror Supertramps – Thailand is the first film of its kind. Seven friends take you on a thrilling feature length adventure, documenting their wild journey around South East Asia. Join some of the worlds favourite athletes on an incredible exploration into their world of fun, freedom and adventure. The boys push the limits of their comfort zone as they endure twenty-eight days with no plans, accommodation or money. What could possibly go wrong?

Storror is a team of freerunners from the UK who gained acclaim by publishing their entertaining and skillful Parkour based adventures on YouTube. Now they are one of the worlds most successful teams, known for their aggressive and renegade style of movement and breathtaking size of stunts. This film is about the importance of adventure, letting go, and living in the moment.

This was filmed, produced, and edited amongst a group of friends, with no funding or sponsorship. This exciting project was born from our passion and love for what we do.

Benj Cave
Drew Taylor
Toby Segar
Max Cave
Callum Powell
Sacha Powell
Steven Whitely

Sam Carter
Max Lee-Abott
Pontus Karlsson
Jason Paul
Shaun Wood
Anan Anwar
Pasha Petkuns

Toby Segar
Sacha Powell

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