Pattaya Night Market | Thai Street Food 2020

Author: bangkokandmore for Donations and latest Live Stream…Thepprasit Road Pattaya Night Market is amongst the most popular of the local bazaars in Pattaya. Found close to the Sukhumvit Road end of its namesake street, it is adjacent to the Outlet Shopping Mall and spreads over most of the parking area in front of the K-Hut Complex. With extensive parking available behind and an impressive array of shops and stalls, it attracts large crowds of locals and tourists every evening from Friday to Sunday.
Welcome to the Pattaya Night Market.

Also known as “Pattaya Weekend Night Market” and “Kankheha Thepprasit Market”, the principal attraction for many of the locals is the colorful array of Thai Street Food 2020. Set out in the shelter of the metal roofs of the market’s largest permanent structures, the two rows of vendors sell all manner of Thai delights, from fresh fruit, juices, and seafood to noodles, nibbles, and desserts. There are some tables and seats in amongst the sellers and stalls, but finding an empty space can be quite a challenge!

The only other permanent buildings at the market are in the form of a row of shops down one side of the large lot which holds the majority of the stores. Essentially just garages, with their wares set out like any of the other stands, their cooling fans offer some respite on a warm evening while their goods and prices are no more or less remarkable than the rest of the Pattaya Night market.


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