Thailand Travel Advice 2020-Koh Samui Beaches & Food the North coast of Koh Samui Thailand Vlog 2020

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Thailand Travel Advice 2020 Come with us as we explore Koh Samui & its beautiful North Coast Travel through Thailand in 2020, with current news & travel Advice for getting around the islands & the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.The most detailed travel guide on YouTube with the [LOCKDOWN TRAVELLERS]

Travel with us as we experience the North Coast of Koh Samui in this episode and subscribe as we have just returned from the lesser known island of Koh Tan we will give detailed travel advice on how to get around, the current situation, activities best beaches, waterfalls, Temples and food in 2020.

When travel starts again you WILL have all the advice you need for Thailand in our coming videos we will be travelling to Koh Pha ngan, Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Krabi and many more. We are planning to travel through to Cambodia and Vietnam as well before Christmas giving travel advice in 2020 so you know were you need to go in 2021.

With our first series being travel in Thailand We already have a great line up. If you are Locked Down by Corona Virus You can still keep your love for travel in 2020 with us. Send in any destinations you think we should travel to in Thailand and we will put it on the list.

Look out for our Next episode on Koh Tan as we travel with Sapir and find out about a conservation centre that is saving the reef and the natural beauty of this lesser known island in Thailand.

We are the Lockdown Travellers Continuing the travel dream in Thailand through 2020

Koh Samui Thailand Travel Blog these are our adventures during Corona virus. With Maps, News Reviews of all the best beaches luxury beach villas, restaurants zoos waterfalls and wildlife as we travel and give a detailed travel guide through the quarantine.

Weather you are in Koh Samui for a day trip, Honeymoon or just escaping that rainy season back home there ia an activity for you.
In our upcoming you tube Vlogs we are going to map out the best attractions such as waterfalls, wild life, ziplines, jungle tours, full moon party, tiger zoo and elephant sanctuary and elephant haven. Are they ethical? Like and subscribe to find out.
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Are you in quarantine or just bored in lock down. Why not start planning your next holiday for after corona virus.

In our vlogs and blogs you will see the best way to arrive from Bangkok by ferry? Grab an Uber from the airport? we will show you what to do. .

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